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The Coolest hangout in the neighborhood

In this series, we transform our sad, barren slab, with no seating and scattered with outdoor cooking gear into an elegant and functional entertaining space. We managed to fit an L shaped outdoor kitchen, including a smoker, grill, and bar onto a mere 13’x13′ foot space.

Neither of us had any experience framing, especially with steel. Lumber prices are so high now, we had no choice but the figure it out — even if it took some trial and error.

We added the cementboard next, but that step went so quickly, it’s included in the last video.

After that, it was time for the concrete countertop — another intimidating prospect — be we got it done. The process wasn’t easy, but the results were even better than expected.

In the third installment, we go back in time to share the cementboard process, and go forward with the final touches. Installing the BBQ accessories ranged from super easy to total pain in the butt! We also added some very simple drainage for the drinks trough.

Finally, tile. LOTS of tile.

Most of the accessories we used are available on Amazon:

Mophorn Outdoor Kitchen 14W x 20H Inch Wall Construction Stainless Steel Flush Mount for BBQ Island, 14inch x 20inch, Single Door with Vents

HEADS UP! The opening was too narrow for a standard propane tank. It was too late to return it, so we ended up just buying a smaller tank. Bonehead move, but we made it work. But just so you know, most propane tanks won’t fit through this door.

Mophorn BBQ Access Door 20W x 14H Inch, Horizontal Single BBQ Door Stainless Steel, Outdoor Kitchen Doors for BBQ Island, Grilling Station, Outside Cabinet

Mophorn 18×20.5 Inch Outdoor Kitchen Drawers Stainless Steel with Handle for BBQ Island, 18 x 20.6 x 12.7 Inch

The bar sink / drink trough is from Overstock

If you want to see a quick overview of the whole project, including a cost breakdown, check out the recap.

Since the build, we have been using this space all the time. It really is our favorite neighborhood hangout. Cool, casual vibes, the food is great, the drinks are cheap, and the company can’t be beat.