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A Simple, affordable faux concrete wall

When I first finished it (after many, many hours of work) I adored the stencil wall in our bathroom. Two years later, the bloom is off the rose. We were looking for something much more simple and industrial.

We settled on a concrete look wall, and spent hours researching different techniques. They all came to a dead end, when they relied on a ridiculously expensive or unattainable product, or the results looked shoddy, or the technique was super complicated.

At last, we came across a video about something else entirely, when the creator off-handedly did a treatment on a new bathroom wall that looked just like what we wanted, and it seemed easy enough. The product he used is Henry Feather Finish, available at most big box hardware stores, and costs under $20!

However, his instructions were pretty vague, so it was up to us to figure it out. Here’s how it went:

Our faux concrete wall finish video

If your can’t find FeatherFinish at your Home Depot or Lowe’s, it’s available on Amazon.